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You see, when weaving a blanket, an Indian woman leaves a flaw in the weaving of that blanket to let the soul out. by Martha Graham.

Rugs and carpets are pedestals, portraying flawless splendor of art of weaving. A floor covering not only beautifies the dwellings, but also Good Rug Design adds coziness & security, and bestows a healthy environment to the families.


Design My Rug will facilitate you to know more about your enduring rugs and carpets. This website is enlightening the process of rug making and is raising a question that ? Why this beautiful art is being diminishing? Oriental carpets have been the first choice of buyer since centuries, but globalization and increase in technology is resulting in declining number of master artisans. Weavers are not getting sufficient remunerations, where they weave each master piece with great dedication and compassion. Each knot, of the floor covering is made by hand, and one carpet embraces numerous knots. The quality of floor covering is judged by the density, and there are possibly 100 to 1000 knot in per square inch.